Dental Myths: The Truth behind the Myth

If you’re not a dentist, you’ve probably asked yourself a few questions about your teeth in vain, and ended up just making an inaccurate assumption to quell your fears. Here are a few of the most common mouth myths spread by the uninformed.

Dentist Visits

Americans wish dental care were as easy as “have two visits a year” so they could have it over with, but the truth is that there isn’t one universal treatment for every person. It is true that most people can get away with two visits a year, but depending on your teeth you may need quite a lot more. Studies have also shown that plaque and calculus can build up as soon as 90 days after a cleaning. For the healthiest teeth, four visits a year are recommended.

When to Brush

It is widely believed that brushing once in the morning and once at night isn’t enough, and that we should brush right after every meal. Unfortunately, those that follow this line of thought will find that their teeth are much more sensitive than average. It is recommended to wait at least 30 minutes after eating before brushing in order to protect the enamel covering on your teeth.

Brushing Teeth Eradicates Bad Breath

This falls under the category of another hopeful wish of teeth-brushers everywhere. Brushing your teeth certainly helps to get rid of bad breath, but there may be other underlying causes that no amount of brushing can fix, such as eating garlic and onions or simply being sick. Try brushing your tongue to get rid of extra gunk as well.

Your best teeth consultant is your dentist, so don’t believe everything you hear about your teeth unless it comes straight from the dentist.



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