Fear going to the dentist? Sedation dentistry can help

sedation dentistry infographicVisiting the dentist can be a scary and/or painful experience. The fear of the dentist is a fear many people, especially kids share.

The dentist office visit can be manageable when the pain is minimized and the experience is hard to recall.

This is why dentists use sedation techniques in their offices.

There are different forms of dental sedation that are used, each with a different strength and purpose.

Below are the types of sedation you’ll find at the dentist office and their strength:

Laughing gas. This form of sedation is the least powerful type and is commonly used on children who have a slight apprehension about visiting the dentist. The laughing gas is administered through the nose and mouth via a mask. The patient is conscious, but will feel relaxed and a little sleepy.

Valium. This form of sedation is used in conjunction with laughing gas to calm the nerves of adult patients who are anxious of the dentist. Valium/laughing gas mix is slightly stronger than the laughing gas by itself, making it also ideal for patients needing their wisdom teeth removed.

Oral sedation. This form of dental sedation is similar to laughing gas in relaxation strength. The oral sedation is drunk in the dentist office, usually shortly after the patient arrives. It takes time for it to start having an effect on the patient. Therefore, the dentist will wait to do the appointed dental procedure. Oral sedation makes patients sleepy and relaxed.

IV sedation. This more powerful form of sedation will temporarily make the patient numb to pain and unaware of what is going on. It makes them briefly unconscious. IV sedation is used in wisdom teeth extraction, root canals and other, more intensive dental procedures. It is also used on very young children who are uncooperative.

Out of office general anesthesia. This is the most powerful form of sedation where the patient is completely unconscious. It is commonly used on patients who require oral surgery or on children who are overly fearful or uncooperative.

The dentist office isn’t a place to avoid or be afraid of. In fact, regular visits to the dentist can reduce the probability of patients needing more intensive dental work that requires more office visits and involve more pain.

Regular, six-month dental check-up and teeth cleaning are quick, painless ways to keep your teeth healthy and your smile beautiful.

At Out of This World Dentistry, we offer all the above forms of dental sedation (except general anesthesia). Being a dental practice that specializes in pediatric dentistry, we understand the fears young patients have when visiting the dentist.

We strive to give our young patients a fun and relaxing dental experience.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment at any of our three convenient locations and let us help your child be on the way to good dental health.


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