How to keep your child’s teeth healthy

Our children are not born knowing how to brush their teeth. In fact, they don’t even know what teeth are when they’re born and what a shocker it is to them when they just start falling out and new ones start coming in. It’s important to educate your children about the importance of dental care at an early age before any damage is done.

Lead by Doing

Children want to do everything their parents do. Set the example by letting them see you brush your teeth every morning and every night. Tell them when you go to the dentist so they know they’re not the only ones that have those appointments.

Make it Fun

Make brushing your teeth twice a day a game for your kids. You can reward them with stickers every day if you see them do it, or you can give them tasty toothpaste. Make it an activity that they can look forward to and not dread.

Start Early

It’s never too early to teach your kids about dental care. Even when they only have baby teeth, the health of those teeth can affect the health of the adult teeth. Teach them that healthy foods are good for our bodies and our teeth, while sweet and sugary food are bad for our health and can cause cavities.

You don’t have to start handing out toothbrushes at Halloween, but make sure your children know what is and isn’t good for their teeth, and that they start healthy habits early.



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