How To: Not Lose Your Dental Retainer

Now that kids have started school, they are more likely to lose their retainer. Between leaving it on their lunch trays, putting it in the wrong pocket, or simply dropping it somewhere, there are a million ways it could get lost. Here are a few tips to avoid losing a retainer and the cost of replacing it.

Get a Good Case

Investing in a colorful case that your teen will love is one way to ensure that it won’t get lost. Without a case, retainers inevitably get wrapped up in a napkin and thrown away – which makes it extremely difficult to find later. With a bright case, your teen will be able to easily keep track of it.

Pick a Spot

Having a pre-determined place to put the retainer, can prevent your teen from taking  it off and putting it just anywhere. Discuss it with your teen and make sure that he or she knows that it should always go in a certain backpack pocket or bedside table drawer. If you always keep it in the same place, you’ll always be able to find it.

Discuss Replacement Cost

Keep your teen aware of how much the retainer costs and how much it will cost to replace it. If they know they’ll have to cover some of the cost themselves, they will be much more likely to hold on tight to it.

If your teen does end up losing his or her retainer, come visit Out of this World Dentistry at one of our four locations and we will take care of it right away.


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