Keeping Your Kids Cavity Free

A cavity free child and good dental routine go hand in hand. But there are certain things that can increase your child’s risk of getting cavities. Here are a few tips to help make sure your child leaves the dentist cavity free.

Drink Water

I used to love sneaking in some chocolate milk before bed – only now do I realize how bad that is. Keep your kids from drinking anything but water after they brush their teeth and go to bed. Anything else (especially chocolate milk) will stick to your kids teeth and increase the risk of decay and cavities.

Avoid Sticky Foods

Kids typically don’t try too hard brushing their teeth, which means you want to avoid any foods that are particularly sticky and won’t get brushed off easily, such as caramel candies, peanuts, beef jerky, and popcorn. This will improve chances of having fewer cavities.

Sugar-free Gum is Your Friend

Sugar free gum, on the other hand, actually helps prevent cavities. This is because it picks up some of the loose food between and stuck to your teeth. However, stick with the sugarless gum as sugary gums just cause more cavities.

Great Dental Routines

A good dental routine is very important as it is the number one method of preventing your kids from getting cavities. Brush day and night, and visit the dentist for check-ups and cleanings at regular intervals.

As long as you stick to these rules, it is a simple task to keep your kids cavity-free.


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