Thanksgiving Feast: Saving Your Teeth

The holidays give you a lot of things to look forward to. When it’s time for Thanksgiving, you think about gathering with friends and family around the table, sharing what you’re grateful for, and of course, stuffing your face with as much food as possible! Although we typically wonder if our feasting will affect our weight, we don’t usually think about how it affects our teeth.

Foods that Help Teeth

Different Thanksgiving staples have certain properties that actually make them healthy for your teeth. Don’t pass up the turkey or cranberry sauce or you’ll miss some great health benefits.

The phosphorus found in turkey reinforces your bones, keeping your teeth strong and protecting your jaw bones from decay. The compounds found in cranberry sauce protect you from bacteria and enzymes that would otherwise stick to your teeth.

Foods that Hurt Teeth

While you’re feasting this Thanksgiving, you should be able to eat whatever you want, but be wary of the negative effects stuffing and pumpkin pie can have on your oral care. The soft breading of stuffing easily sticks to teeth, so be sure to brush and floss after you eat it. Pumpkin pie is typically filled with sugar, which contributes to causing cavities.

Be careful this Thanksgiving to not eat too much of the food that’s bad for your health and your teeth. If your teeth do end up aching after your Thanksgiving feast, do not hesitate or make an appointment at Out of this World Dentistry!


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