How Out of This World Dentistry Serves the Community

Girl holding model of human jaw with dental bracesFor some people, especially kids,  taking a trip to the dentist is a scary experience. We strive to make going to the dentist fun, so that we can help maintain healthy smiles for a life time!  We want to make you, and your child, feel relaxed and at home.  You will have peace of mind knowing that your family’s dental health is in good hands.


At Out of This World Dentistry, we strive to provide that out of the world experience for both our young patients and their parents.

Our pediatric dentistry and orthodontic specialists have a combined 75 years of experience offering pediatric dentistry in West Jordan, South Jordan and Draper.

We understand your child’s fear of the dentist’s office. To relieve these fears and help your child be motivated about sustaining good dental hygiene, we employ certain tactics in our office that have proven to effectively ease our young patients’ anxiety.

Some of these tactics include a bright, colorful waiting room with gorgeous murals, switching out scary, dental words with more kid-friendly terms, kid-friendly sedation and encouraging parents to be present observers at their child’s dental visit.

Our pediatric dentists and orthodontists utilize the latest dental technology which makes your child’s dental appointment quick and as painless as possible.

Besides our welcoming staff and kid-friendly dental procedures, we also guarantee that our treatments are effective and successful.


As a parent, you don’t have a lot of down town time. Work, school and other activities can quickly fill up your schedule.

Who wants to drive across town for their child’s dental appointment?

With an increase in demand for our pediatric and orthodontic services, Out of This World Dentistry now has three locations (West Jordan, South Jordan and Draper) to greater serve the community. The choice of three locations enable our patients to spend less time on the road and more time doing what they love.

At each of our dental offices, your family will receive the same professional, welcoming service.


Your child’s dental health is important. Early detection and prevention can spare your child from future dental issues and your wallet will thank you as well.

At Out of This World Dentistry, we understand the connection between one’s good dental health and one’s positive overall health. The health of your family is important and we want to do our part in ensuring good health for your family.

Our professional pediatric dental staff is dedicated to ensuring a healthy mouth for your child. With our experience, we will make every effort we can to prevent cavities and orthodontic work having to be dealt with later.

We know that dental care can be expensive and put a great strain on your family’s budget. Since we believe that dental health is so important for overall health, it should not get ignored because of the possible costs. We accept most dental insurance plans and offer discounts to our patients who don’t have dental and must pay out of pocket. We also give discounts to patients who pay in full with cash. Call Out of This World Dentistry today for more information about our pricing and discounts.



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