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Our team of dental specialists has an array of training and expertise for all your dental needs. From pediatric dentistry to general dentistry and orthodontics, we've got you covered… and all under one roof! Gone are the days of running your kids to one dentist, your teens to a separate orthodontics office, and yourself to a different dentist. At Out of This World Dentistry and Orthodontics your entire family will enjoy an out of this world experience.

Chances are, you are just around the corner from us. We have dental offices in Draper, West Jordan, South Jordan, and Cottonwood Heights for your convenience. Give us a call, or stop by for an office tour, and see for yourself why thousands of Utahans choose Out of This World Dentistry and Orthodontics.

We speak your language! We have experienced dentists and staff that speak Spanish, Mandarin, and Taiwanese to help you.

Leave the headaches behind. We accept most insurances and do everything we can to make good oral health affordable for everybody.

Come see us for dental exams, cleanings, x-rays, fluoride treatments, fillings, crowns, bridges, root canals, tooth extractions, braces, retainers, adult braces, Invisalign, implants, sedation dentistry and teeth whitening for life. Ask us for details when you call.

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