Success With Kids

 Here are our secrets to good dental visits for children.

In order to improve the chances of your child having a positive experience in our office, we are selective in our use of words. We try to avoid words that would scare the child. Please support us by NOT USING negative words that are often used for dental care. Here are some good tips:

Don’t Use:                         Instead Use:

Gas                                          Happy air

Needle or shot                      Sleepy juice

Drill                                        Whistle

Drill on tooth                        Clean a tooth

Pull or yank a tooth             Wiggle a tooth out

Examination                         Count teeth

Explorer                                   Toothpick

Rubber dam                             Umbrella


This will also help you understand your child’s perception of the filling experience. Our intention is not to “fool” the child—it is to create an experience that is positive. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us build a good attitude for your child!


 Treatment Appointments

We invite all parents to accompany their children during dental treatment, some children do better without parents present.

We suggest the following guidelines to help improve chances of a positive outcome.
Prepare your child with the following:

1. Be supportive of the practice’s terminology

2. Please be a silent observer

  • This allows us to maintain communication with your child
  • Children will typically listen to their parents instead of us and may not listen to our guidance
  • You may give incorrect or misleading information

3. If asked to leave, be ready to step outside the treatment room.

  • “Acting out” is normal, but can be dangerous for the patient during dental treatment
  • We do this every day and will continue to support your child at all times

These are very important ways that you can actively help in the success of your child’s visit. We hope these guidelines will help prepare you with confidence for the upcoming appointment.

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