Do You Need an Orthodontic Mouth Guard?

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Many patients find that playing sports changes when they have braces because they are very conscious of the appliance in their mouths. Our team is here to help you enjoy the sports you love while protecting your braces and teeth. We invite you to learn more about how an orthodontic mouth guard can prevent orthodontic and tooth damage.

Receiving braces doesn’t mean you have have to give up sports of any kind. Patients of all ages are now receiving braces and still playing the athletic games they love without breaking their orthodontic appliances.

To keep your braces and smile safe, we encourage you to wear a proper mouth guard whenever you are involved in an athletic activity. The function of an orthodontic mouth guard is to protect your teeth and braces from expensive damages. It is a small oral appliance worn over your braces and teeth so that any blows from athletic objects, elbows or knees won’t hurt your mouth. You can find rubber or silicone mouth guards in styles such as stock, boil and bite or custom. To ensure your mouth guard fits well, we encourage you to visit Out Of This World Dentistry to receive a custom design.

Wearing a mouth guard significantly lowers the risk of oral injuries such as lacerated cheeks and lips and broken teeth and braces. However, if an oral injury occurs, contact Dr. Destiny Rockwood and our team right away to receive treatment.

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