With years of experience, our doctors and team have learned a few secrets about how to have successful dental visits in with children of all ages. One simple thing we do that makes a big difference is using phrases that will not scare or confuse children when talking about their dental care in South Jordan, Draper, and West Jordan, Utah. We ask for your support by replacing the following negative words with the associated positive word:

Do Not Use:                         Replace With:

Gas                                         Happy air

Needle or shot                     Sleepy juice

Drill                                        Whistle

Drill on tooth                       Clean a tooth

Pull or yank a tooth            Wiggle a tooth out

Examination                         Count teeth

Explorer                                Toothpick

Rubber dam                         Umbrella

It is never our intention to mislead your child by using these terms; instead, Drs. Stark and Allen use them to create a positive experience. We try to use these replacement words continually when explaining services and techniques. Our pediatric dentists enjoy including their young patients in the progression of their oral health.   We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in helping us build a positive foundation for your child’s dental perception.

Although we invite all parents to accompany their children during their treatment, we have seen some patients do better without their parents present. We have a few recommendations on how to improve the likeliness of an enjoyable visit to Out Of This World Dentistry:

  • Be supportive of our practice’s terminology
  • Please be a silent observer; this allows us to maintain communication with your child and increases the likeliness of them listening to our guidance while giving the correct information.
  • If asked to leave, please be ready to step out of the treatment room. “Acting out” is a normal occurrence that our team deals with on a daily basis, and our doctors can help calm your child to ensure that their dental treatment is not disrupted.

We hope that these recommendations have been helpful. We truly want your child’s dental experience to be one that lays the foundation for a trusted relationship with our doctors. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our practice today.