General anesthesia in Draper, Utah, or South or West Jordan is only done for children at an out-patient facility, surgical center, or operating room. This maintains the safety and security of our patients’ treatments, as doctors and nurses can carefully monitor and take care of you every step of the way.

If your child wants to be asleep during treatment, general anesthesia is a safe and effective method. Sometimes, a young patient has a particularly hard time at the dentist or is extremely un-cooperative; in such cases, it may be best to give them general anesthesia. Even though there is risk to every type of anesthesia, general anesthesia is safe and effective when administered by an appropriately-trained professional and with the right type of ADA-approved equipment.

Using general anesthesia is a medical procedure and is covered by some medical insurance plans. Call your medical insurance company to find out what your family’s insurance benefits are. Dr. Allen offers dental treatment with general anesthesia to children at Lone Peak Surgical Center. Please call Out Of This World Dentistry at 801-571-6751 for more details about our general anesthesia.