Strong Tooth Enamel Contributes to Healthy Teeth

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Tooth enamel plays a critical role in the basic function of your teeth. Not only does it make your teeth hard enough to handle biting and chewing food, it also protects the sensitive dentin, pulp, and other core structures within the tooth.

If you struggle to brush your teeth twice each day, or you forget to floss at least once per day, the excess bacterial matter in your mouth can contribute to the chronic presence of plaque acids. When combined with the consumption of acidic beverages, your tooth enamel could be at increased risk of demineralization.

As the mineral density of your tooth enamel gradually depletes, the microscopic pores on the surface can start to expand. This can foster the development of new cavities, and could also contribute to tooth sensitivity problems.

If your regularly scheduled dental checkup with our dentists reveals signs of weakened tooth enamel, they might recommend administering a simple fluoride treatment. This can often be done at the end of the appointment to quickly restore some of your tooth enamel’s mineral strength.

After the fluoride treatment, you should try to abstain from eating or drinking anything for up to half an hour. This will allow the fluoride to permeate your tooth enamel.

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