Teeth: Difficulties in Teenage Years

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Teenage life is full of changes. Teenage oral health is no exception! Not only is this the time when the wisdom teeth–the last of the permanent teeth–grow in, but it is also when a number of social risks are introduced into a person’s life.

Frankly, wisdom teeth don’t often do their job very well. They are designed for chewing, however, they often grow in improperly. This leads to a variety of bad bites, including the possibility of overcrowding your other teeth. In addition, the wisdom teeth may not even fully break the gum line–this increases your risk of tooth decay and infection. Schedule regular checkups with Dr. Destiny Rockwood to make sure your teeth are growing in properly. If they aren’t, we can help you decide the best way to correct the problem. Many people choose to have the wisdom teeth surgically removed.

Social status begins to influence the lives of many individuals in their teen years. Negative peer pressure can lead to a variety of ruinous oral health habits. These could include choosing to chew tobacco or use tobacco products, use drugs, or smoke. Seemingly innocuous events, like playing contact sports without the proper safety equipment, can also be very risky. Wearing mouth jewelry, such as lip and tongue rings, can easily chip and crack teeth or injure gums.

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